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We were a group of professional designers, illustrators, design students and creatives alike from around the world who enjoy corresponding through our own postcard creations. Bookmark our site and visit often to see how each creative handled their postcard design based on a unique assignment.

A fun and challenging hobby to keep graphic artists creatively charged.

Round 3 An Alphabet Assignment Inspires CPC Founder to Write and Illustrate an eBook

Concept Behind the Book

The Creative Postcard Club (CPC) was a hobby group of designers from around the world interested in exchanging postcard art based on a given graphic design assignment. At one point, nearly 140 members participated in a single CPC theme project thanks to the club's mention in HOW magazine in 2001. The club completed its last theme, Round 50 An Art Stamp, in 2009.

It was during an early round in which participants were assigned a letter to illustrate, that today's book was eventually conceived. Tom was given the letter "A" and chose to illustrate "alliteration" with the sentence, "An alligator, ant and astronaut ate apples and asparagus alone at an art agency affirming an amusing alliteration." Members were asked to mail their creative solutions to the editors of HOW magazine, who in turn selected the letters A, X, I and G for an article featured in one of its issues. In 2003 a notable book publisher was also very interested in publishing a book based on the creative solutions of the CPC. Although content for the book was collected, the book project never came to fruition.

In 2010 Tom revisited the letter "A" postcard he had designed and thought a book based on its original concept could be interesting. A few revisions were made by removing the words "affirming an amusing alliteration" and redrawing the ant to keep with a consistent illustration style. He thought to himself, "What if I designed an alphabet book based on an animal and alliteration?" After researching the Internet and realizing there was an animal to represent every letter, he began writing alliterations for the entire alphabet. Knowing that his goal was to create a fun, whimsical and amusing tone, it often took him a full day and several edits to find the right sentence structure and flow. The illustrations took a lot longer to develop. Tom recalls being very excited by the way the book was evolving after seeing the first four images beginning to take shape. Spending several hours on a few of the letters at a time, he would commit to the artwork when time permitted. Each piece was directly digitized on screen, not following any concept sketches. Art for the letter 'Z' was finished on November 17, 2010.

He hopes this alphabet book will inspire young minds to be creative with drawing and writing.

The book was sent to a publishing house for consideration. With no response from the publisher Tom decided to pursue the path of self-publishing the book as an eBook in August 2011. After 4 months of editing and beta testing, the eBook was widely released in January 2012.

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Animal Alliterati is also available in the iBookstore, B&N NOOK and Lulu.com (for android users).


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