The club was an organization originally based in Augusta, Georgia. It was founded by Travis N. Tom in September 2000. Travis is a designer and illustrator with a BFA in graphic design from the University of Georgia. He specializes in iconography and designs for print and Web projects. The club started out as a fun hobby with a few members and has grown into a creative community that spans the globe.

Back in September of 2000, Tom posted in the CA forum, HOW design forum and About.com forum for a Creative Postcard Initiative. This was an idea of his to establish the Creative Postcard Club where designers, illustrators, students and creatives alike would send and receive creative postcards to one another. Being an independent professional, he had time on his hands one day in between projects to post the initiative. This was done on a whim and he received overwhelming response. Each forum brought in about the same number of inquiries--about 7 from each one.

Round 3--an alphabet card--the idea was submitted by Richard Hoogs who is a member from California--Tom added a few other parameters. Each member was assigned a letter of the alphabet and had to glorify the letter on their postcard with typographic treatments and letterforms. Also any imagery that begins with their letter may be used on the card. A mailing deadline was set for February 20, 2001 for the alphabet postcards. Tom organizes the information for each assignment and prepares mailing group lists. He also is responsible for growing the club and adding new members to the club roster. It's been exciting creating and receiving the postcards.

Themes are usually voted on by club members. They pick a list of 3 or more ideas that members submit and send it out for a vote. The information is tallied then sent out as the final assignment, current mailing list and a deadline for mailing.

The Creative Postcard Club is mentioned in HOW Magazine's 2001 Creative Issue in the Letter from the Editor piece called "Log On", on newsstands May 1, 2001. The club is also a creative link on www.CreativePro.com. The CPC was a one page feature in HOW Magazine's 2001 Self-Promotion Issue and a follow up feature in HOW Magazine's 2002 Self-Promotion Issue based on the CPC assignement of designing for a the HOW cover. One of the CPC members from Canada was selected and commissioned for her design as the actual cover.

Below is a copy of the initial posting by Tom back in September of 2000. You may have seen the posting a few times in the different design forums.

Creative Postcard Initiative

Hello. I'm a freelance designer/illustrator. I was just brainstorming the other day about how to spark some inspiration resulting in this postcard idea. This should be a fun project for any creatives wishing to get back to their artistic roots. The mission of the project is to explore our creative talents and to have fun through traditional correspondence. This will be open to designers, illustrators, photographers, artists and students who wish to participate.

It's a simple concept. Email me if you are interested in participating. As soon as we compile say 20 -25 names and mailing addresses then I will mass eMail everyone the compiled list of the 'Creative Postcard Club'. Your assignment is to create a postcard and send them to all of the people on the list within a weeks time. Approximately 4.25" x 6" standard size--as long as it is under Postal regulations. Your postcard should reflect your style of work--maybe black and white photography, the homepage design of your Web site, a collage of icons or logos, a favorite illustration or even something abstract. You can use your inkjets, laser printers, color copies or photocopies from your original work. This will be a great way to network also. Include contact information if you wish--much like a self-promotional piece. It would be cool if some of the bigger name design firms participated?

If this initial project is successful then there might be future assignments with themes and specifications. Maybe a Halloween postcard? A postcard designed of cut paper shapes? The postcard has to be one color--blue? Design a stamp? Suggestion box will be open.

More details and parameters on the first assignment will be sent out according to the number of responses. A Web site might be designed to present information and maybe showcase some of the postcards. Hope you find the time. This should be fun!